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Bugle Calls

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Still wearing the orange piping of the old 2d Regiment of Dragoons, a Bugler of the newly designated 2d U.S. Cavalry calls the troopers “To Horse”. Following are lists of bugle calls a young cavalry trooper may have heard throughout his busy day in garrison, during a march, or on campaign. Where I could find them, the ditties that accompanied each bugle call so the men could remember them are included, along with the command to execute each order if there is one. Click each link where available to hear the bugle call. Click the back button on your browser to return to the list. CAMP CALLS 0550 First Call – Assembly of Trumpeters for Reveille. Sound as a warning that personnel will prepare to assemble for a formation. This call was historically sounded between 4:45 AM – and 6:00 AM – depending on the season. It bears a similarity to the French Cavalry call “La Garde a Vous.” 0600 Reveille – Signals the troops to awaken for morning roll call. Used to accompany the raising of the National Colors. Upon the last note of this call, the flag was raised, the morning gun fired and the men all had to assemble for morning roll call. It is the same as a French call which dates from the time of the Crusades. 0615 Stable Call – Soldiers in the cavalry would report to the stables to feed and groom their mounts. 0630 Breakfast Call – Signals morning mealtime. 0700 Sick Call – Signals all troops needing medical attention to report to the dispensary. 0730 Fatigue Call – Those soldiers appointed to a work party would report to their assignments. 0850 First Call Assembly of Trumpeters for Guard Mount, or the changing of the 24-hour guard detail. 0855 Guard Mounting – Assembly of Guard Detail. Men assigned to guard duty assemble in front of their respective barracks. 0900 Adjutant’s Call – The guard details were marched to the guardhouse where the Guard Mount ceremony took place. 0915 Watering Call – Horses received their watering. 0955 First Call – Drill, preparatory call for soldiers assigned to morning drill. 1000 Drill Call – Sound as a warning to turn out for drill. Soldiers would practice the Manual of Arms, bayonet drills and marching. New recruits would be taught more basic skills. 1100 Recall – Signals morning drills to cease. 1130 Recall – Signals morning work parties to cease. 1200 Dinner Call – Signals noon mealtime. 1300 Fatigue Call – Afternoon work parties. 1330 First Sergeant’s Call – Company First Sergeants were to report to the post headquarters with their Morning Reports on the number of their men sick in the hospital, on guard duty, on drill or fatigue, or on special assignment. 1400 Boots And Saddles – Mounted Drill. This signal alerted cavalrymen to put on their riding boots and saddle their...

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