2d Dragoons

Serving proudly since 1836

Dragoon Tactics and Early Weapons

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Researched and Written by Wally Tomtschik Dragoons used different tactics than Cavalry. In the old history of the 2d Dragoons, very few of their number actually were killed. They were masters of using the land and could live off the land very comfortably. The horses were treated with loving care and protected from harm, being used for transportation rather than in battle, with a horse holder holding the horses out of sight, hidden in the background. The horse holder would...

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Fort Jesup

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As the war with the Seminoles began to wind down, the Regiment was repositioned in Louisiana, which formed part of the eastern frontier of the Louisiana Purchase. This was the Regiment’s first posting in the state of Louisiana. In October 1842, Company’s A, D, E, F, and G were ordered to move to Fort Jesup, Louisiana, and Fort Towson, Arkansas. The remaining Companies worked to improve their positions and to scout for the last band of hostile Indians in Florida....

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After the Mexican war, the Regiment moved west to secure the country’s newly acquired territories for the influx of settlers. In June of 1849 troopers from Company F under the command of Major Ripley Arnold established an encampment along the banks of the Trinity River in Texas, which they named Fort Worth in honor of General William J. Worth, whom the Regiment had served with during the final years of the Seminole War. This area is now known as “the fort that...

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